There are so many version numbers in Nero’s history that it makes me wonder, why they have upgraded their decent software so many times. Has there been any lack of functionality or what. I do not know any other well-reputated online brand that has released such a number of different downloads. But despite the fact, Nero has been, is and will be the most popular and most used burner in all history. Nero 12 is the newest at the moment that was launched in 2012.

The ones who are used to the Nero programs will be excited by the usability improvements of the twelfth version. Nero 12 offers a comprehensive suite designed for burning options and multimedia production. It represents a real upgrade with technology. There are many new features which have improved the video stabilization and backup for large drives. Also it will play Blu-ray discs and insure video streaming on the home network. The interface looks great and the video option is facile to use. The options are not straightforward so the user needs to get use to them before getting comfortable enough.

Inside the Nero 12 suite there were eliminated the Wave Editor, Cover Designer and the Sound Trax. This makes the suit slimmer and the ones who want the above mentioned options they can download them for free from the website. However, most people are just content with the audio editing option which is present in the editor for videos. The suite is made out of Nero Video, Nero Express, Nero Burning ROM, KwikMedia, Nero Recode, Blu-ray Player, BackItUp and Nero Rescue. Here are the main uses of these functions:

Nero Video – composition and video editing

The module edits videos at high quality. It is a video editor with full features and the newbie finds it easier to use. It offers great amount of precision and the desire control that the advanced user would crave for. There are many templates to be used in the most creative manner in order to give a professional look to movies and discs.

Nero Express – various disc-burning options

The quick approach to burning a disc is in the hands of the users. They can select the options with ease for a simple burning process.

Nero Burning ROM – advanced burning options

The module will rip audios, copy and burn all types of discs from CD, DVD to Blu-ray. The standard of the burning process is totally high.

KwikMedia – organizing, transferring and playing media files

This module is used in order to access, catalog, stream and sync all the multimedia files like videos, music, photos and movies. There is also a strong audio and video player which works together with discs of simple files.

Nero Recode – transcoding video into a variety of devices and formats

This tool is really powerful and easy to use. The app can convert videos to the desired formats. With Recode, nearly all the formats of video and audio files are supported. There are many profiles which are ready set in order to provide entertainment on home or mobile devices.

Blu-ray Player – plays Blu-ray discs including non-commercial ones and commercial 3D

The player works for both commercial and noncommercial Blu-ray Discs including a 3D option.

BackItUp – backs up drives and not only

This module will prevent disaster from striking when it comes to keeping the data safe. The user can configure a routine of backing up specific folders or files or it can back up the entire computer. There is also the choice of using many devices for doing that.

Nero Rescue – data recovery facility

This module will help out with data protection. There will be no loss of files. The corrupted or damaged files will be recovered with ease from PC, USB drive or optical disc. Also other types of media are supported.

These modules have proven to be really reliable and stable. They are capable of good performance in most tests. With the Express and Burning ROM modules, the discs are burned without a flaw. The Nero Recode is great for speeding video transcoding without any interruptions. The only problem seems to be with the Nero Video which uses a lot of time to load a movie. Maybe the next version will offer a speedy load time.

Even if Nero has previously had problems with adapting to its customers’ needs, the Nero 12 version seems to be better from all points of view. Of course, there could be some improvements to be made, but it is a step forward. The look of the program is better even if it is a little bit disrupted from one module to the other. The features are all there, but the users might have trouble finding them. Still the Nero 12 program is on top of the consumer preferences in terms of disc burning and media production.

The price for the Platinum version of Nero 12 is 130 dollars. If someone wants to buy the simple version it will cost only 100 dollars. The non-Platinum does not have the Blu-ray player, the templates and the video stabilization option. If a user of a previous version wants to upgrade, it is all possible for 40 dollars with the Platinum and 30 dollars for the normal version. Most people would recommend trying the Platinum because it has many features which are worth the extra cash.
Nero 12 has proven to be one of the best programs on the market. The new improvements are present in a really convenient pack which is easy to use by everyone. Besides these packs, there is the option to get free tools that will extend the potency of the program. These will make Nero 12 one of the most complete suites in terms of multimedia. The user will not need another program because inside this one they will get all of it from burning, editing, ripping, converting, backing up and playing the music, photos and videos at will.  Nero 12 is everything you will ever want and it is the most complex multimedia program on the market at this present date.

The top idea for customers is that they need to purchase a comprehensive and useful software program without paying too much and getting the best value for the money paid. It does not matter which version you will choose because there is the possibility to enjoy the features on the spot or download them afterwards. Actually no one wants to pay money for something which is no use and Nero 12 will not disappoint even the pickiest of users.